Royal Palm Hotel

The Royal Palm Hotel includes all the attractions that a smart tourist is looking for. Located on Santa Cruz Island in the middle of 500 acres of lush tropical forest, in an exclusive place for those who love nature and privacy. If you stay at the Royal Palm Hotel you will experience the beauty of … Leer más

Galapagos Airport

If you want travel to the Galapagos Islands, there are two airports in Galapagos where you can land: in Baltra or San Cristobal Island. The airport you choose will depend on your activities you plan to do in the archipelago and the number of days that remain there. Galapagos Ecologic Airport (Baltra) The Baltra Island … Leer más

Charles Darwin Research Station

Charles Darwin Research Station is operated by the Charles Darwin Foundation. It is located in Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos Islands, with satellites in the islands of Isabela and San Cristobal offices. Puerto Ayora is a town in the center of the Galapagos, Ecuador islands. For over 50 years,  has provided … Leer más

Crece población de piqueros patas rojas en Galápagos

Funcionarios del ministerio de Ambiente y del Parque Nacional Galápagos informaron que se ha producido un aumento de la población de piqueros patas rojas en la isla Santa Cruz, especialmente en el sector Punta Pitt de dicha isla. Piquero patas rojas – Islas Galápagos La población de piqueros patas rojas aumentó según un monitoreo realizado … Leer más