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Since 1998, Galapagos Travel Center has been the world’s best source for useful information and tips about visiting the Galapagos Islands. We offer the full range of travel experiences in the region including Galapagos cruises, Andes Adventures, Amazon jungle trips, Machu Picchu and Peru.

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Our free trip planning service includes all aspects of your vacation transfers, hotels, guides, flights, day tours – we can arrange everything for you. From luxury to budget, we have all the best tours, all the best offers and every last minute deal.

Galapagos Travel Options

Hotel Based Tours: Taking a Hotel based tour in the Galapagos Islands provides the chance to explore the islands in its entirety through a number of tours and activities.

Galapagos Adventure Travel: Adventure travel tour packages include activities such as kayaking, mountain biking, horse riding and snorkeling. This tours are perfect for active travelers.

Galapagos Islands Cruises: Cruises are the most popular choice to travel the Galapagos Islands. Galapagos boats range from luxury class to economy class boats:

  • Cruise Ships
  • Luxury Catamarans
  • High-end Boats
  • First Class Boats
  • Mid-range Boats
  • Budget-priced Boats
Galapagos Diving Tours: See whale sharks and large schools of hammerheads ina a live-aboard or hotel-based dive tour. Take a land + dive combine tour for a less intense dive experience.
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Galapagos Travel Center

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