Galapagos Islands Temperature

If you wonder what is the best time of year to visit the Galapagos Islands, the answer is simple: Always!  The climate in the Galapagos is pleasant throughout the year. This region has two seasons: the hot season (December to June) and the dry season (July to November). Stations in Galapagos are determined by the presence of the cold currents of Humboldt and warm El Niño: the first influences the dry season with little rain, sunny days and warmer water, ideal for snorkeling or deep ; the second affects the hot season with a subtropical climate with more precipitation, days a bit cloudy and warmer water.

Galapagos Islands Temperature
Galapagos Islands Temperature

However, it is considered that the transition months between these stations, especially April and May are the best in the archipelago, as the climate in the Galapagos Islands and water temperatures are more pleasant than the rest of the year, and there greater possibilities for bird watching. March, however, is considered the warmest month.

galapagos islands temperature
Climate in Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Temperature

Galapagos in January:  Min. 75°F  –  Max. 88°F
Galapagos in February:  Min. 75°F  –  Max. 88°F
Galapagos in March:  Min. 75°F  –  Max. 88°F
Galapagos in April:  Min. 68°F  –  Max. 82°F
Galapagos in May:  Min. 68°F  –  Max. 82°F
Galapagos in June:  Min. 68°F  –  Max. 82°F
Galapagos in July:  Min. 68°F  –  Max. 82°F
Galapagos in August:  Min. 66°F  –  Max. 79°F
Galapagos in September:  Min. 66°F  –  Max. 79°F
Galapagos in October:  Min. 66°F  –  Max. 79°F
Galapagos in November:  Min. 70°F  –  Max. 81°F
Galapagos in December:  Min. 70°F  –  Max. 81°F

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