Floreana Island Tour

Floreana Island is located 60 kilometers at the east of Española Island, it has an extension of 170 km2. Floreana Island is the sixth largest island by extension. The island is called Floreana in honor of the first president of Ecuador (Juan José Flores), because he include Galapagos as part of the country. Tourists visit Floreana Island because of the well known stories of buccaneers, whalers and settlers. This island was one of the first islands to be inhabited. Between the months of December and May you can see pink flamingos and sea turtles nesting. Also you can find a small population of Galapagos penguins.

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Pink Flamingos nesting in Floreana Island

On this island there’s really nothing organized for sports fans or visitors in general, except for those who like walking. The highlands of Floreana are actually a very nice place to walk. It is a very green and lush area, where many residents have their farms. It is an area where you can find some of the most famous historical sites of the island, like the caves where the Wittmers lived or the viewpoint of the baroness named in honor of the eccentric baroness who came to Floreana in the mid 30 and mysteriously disappeared with one of her three lovers. Birdwatchers will be thrilled with this area. The Galapagos National Park is building a corral for turtles near the famous caves. To get there you can take a bus and then walk for 15 minutes. You can reach all these tourist places easily by bus or on foot. public service With a little less than 100 inhabitants and most live in the highlands, Floreana does not offer much in the way of services to tourists. Apart from a primary school and the church, the town only has a small shop. There is no bank, no telephone exchange, hospital or other similar services.

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Map of  Floreana Island

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